• Answering Machine or Call Answering Service?

Answering Machine or Call Answering Service?


Here at Meridian Virtual Office we provide services that help save your business time and money. Our professional and reliable range of services are all carried out with the aim of progressing and benefiting your company. One of these many office solutions we provide is our telephone answering services.

Trying to keep customers happy, whilst keeping on top of your workload is often a difficult balance to achieve. When you have your head down in paper work, tied up elsewhere or you’re in that all important meeting, you do not want to be taking phone calls. Despite this, you still want to ensure your cliental have somebody to speak to at the end of the phone.

You may not realise how much time and money those phone calls to the office can be costing your company. Think about it. Constant phone calls mean constant interruptions from your workload, but ignoring these phone calls also means an unhappy customer. Here at Meridian Virtual Office, we want to tell you why our telephone answering services are the cost efficient, time effective, wise swap for your business.

We understand that for your business, only the best will do, and that’s why we will help you achieve the happy medium you need. We will do this by handling all those calls with our call answering services meaning that you can get on with the task at hand, or that meeting, with the peace of mind that those all important calls are being taken care of.

Have you ever considered ditching the answering machine for a newer, more cost effective model? You may be thinking a voicemail is a perfectly effective way of recording client’s messages. You have the choice to not take the call, let it go to voicemail and can always get back to your customer who has phoned, later. Well, it may be of interest to you to know that surveys have shown almost 75% of people who reach a voicemail will hang up and redial a competitor. Therefore, when you miss calls, you are missing out on business. Can you afford to lose business to your competitors? With virtual office solutions from Meridian, we will take on your call handling and email the information to you immediately for you to prioritise your workload. This way, there is always a constant presence and identity for your company, meaning potential clients will not feel the need to go elsewhere.

You may also believe that keeping a good old fashioned answering machine is a much cheaper solution to recording missed calls. Not true. Consider the amount of custom that could be lost by that 75% of potential clients calling, hearing the dreaded voicemail message, hanging up and going elsewhere. On the flip side, just think of the increase in custom if potential clients are made to feel like a high priority, by a professional, friendly team. The increase in business outweighs the extra cost of a telephone answering service.

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