• Advantages vs Disadvantages of Working From Home

Advantages vs Disadvantages of Working From Home


More Britons than ever are working from home according to a study by UK Office for National Statistics. It revealed that 4.2 million are regularly working from home, a significant increase from 3.4 million in 2005.

Two thirds of those working from home are self-employed. The option to work for yourself major positives but there can pitfalls can arise, below we discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages that working at home entails.


We can all imagine the long list of advantages and benefits that working at home has to offer. It allows you to determine your own working hours, schedule and environment enabling you to work in the mind set and framework that suits you best. This results in increased productivity, less stress and working at a pace that suits you.

It means less time commuting and twiddling your thumbs during rush hour traffic with the convenience of travelling just a few feet to your designated workspace. This allows more time to be spent working meaning you can maximise your time and focus more on what is really important.


There is no doubt there are advantages to working from home, the flexibility, the reduced overhead and no expense commute. However potential (even existing) customers might not take you as seriously. Not having a business address can cause a lack of confidence in your company.

The average employee gets interrupted 56 times a day, meaning distractions from work and a loss of concentration. This could result in missed phone calls and missed opportunities, doubting the credibility of your business. With self-employment comes extra pressure and a vast increase of the demand of you as an individual.

How services like Meridian Virtual Office can help

Meridian Virtual Office provides services to assist you and your business. Working for yourself or from home can mean struggling to manage and approach customer services with the level of attention it requires.

Do you find yourself missing out on business opportunities due to not being able to get to the phone, whether you are up a ladder or dealing with a customer? We can ensure that you don’t miss out on any potential business.

What can we do to help you?

  • Provide a business address – be taken more seriously with a formal business address keeping your home address private.
  • Handle your post – save time sorting through and organising post.
  • Answer the telephone – 75% of customers hang up when faced with a voicemail. Ensure that your customers are not welcomed by an answering machine and receive direct contact.
  • Appointment making – we will familiarise ourselves with your products and services so we can answer any queries or book in appointments for you.

If you require support and help with alleviating the most time consuming and inconvenient tasks then call us on 0333 3448 771 for a chat and to find a solution suitable for your needs.

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