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Mobile Working

Mobile Working

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Mobile businesses offer great benefits, but you can be exposed to risks that can be challenging to manage. More and more people are mobile working, and although not being restricted to an office has its benefits, mobile workers can struggle to stay connected to their clients.


How often do you miss calls?

Do you need to focus all of your attention on the work you are doing or the client you are with? If you run a hairdressing or beautician service, for example, you need to concentrate on delivering the best treatment without interruption. Or maybe you have a construction, plumbing, carpentry or electrical company where stopping to take a call could put you, or others around you, at risk.

When you are self-employed, it can be hard to find the time for the tasks that ensure you can sustain your business for the future. We know that 75% of potential customers hang up if their business enquiry goes straight to voicemail. Many of them will find another mobile business to answer their needs. So all of the effort you have made to advertise and market your business can be lost in a few seconds as your phone switches to voicemail.

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How to choose the right call service

If you want to stay ahead of your competitors and maintain and sustain your business, you should consider the services of a virtual office. However, how do you choose the right one for you? After all, you need to trust the person taking your calls and be sure they can represent your business and services professionally and knowledgeably. We’ve all experienced poor answering services where it is obvious the person at the other end doesn’t know anything about your enquiry, they don’t sound interested and you don’t trust that your message will get passed on.


Make sure you ask the following questions, so you can get the benefits of a great call management service:

1. When choosing a call answering or virtual office service ensure they want to take the time to understand your business. Without investing some real time up front, how can they be knowledgeable and reassure your customers? If you offer a range of services, like a beautician for example, ask them if they will take the time to learn about your treatments.

2. How will I know what they say and how will they sound? You may want to ask to listen in to a couple of calls that they answer for you. A good call answering partner will ask you lots of questions so that they can convert your calls to great leads. They will ask you about the tone of voice you use and would like used when answering on behalf of your business. Professional is always great, but you may want it still to be friendly and personable.

3. What other benefits will they bring to my mobile business? An effective call answering service will help make you more efficient. As well as lining up new appointments, more customers and taking detailed information for you it can also be a way of filtering out sales calls that eat up your time – time which could be better spent doing what you are best at, for your customers.

4. How will I know who has called? A good virtual office will email you immediately after each call in a very clear way detailing all of the information you need to follow the call up or action it.

5. I don’t need all of my calls answered, can a call answering service still help me? Absolutely. Packages can be set up to just manage your overflow calls. For example, you may have very busy times of the day or times of the year when you just need to make sure all calls are answered – and you can’t manage them all yourselves. This is overflow call answering.


If you think a call answering service could benefit your business and help it grow then why not test these questions out on Meridian Virtual Office.


See what one of our clients has to say about using us:

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Meridian has saved us considerable amounts of time in returning calls and making appointments. The first two appointments they made for us resulted in work worth in excess of £3000. We will make no hesitation in continuing using the services of Meridian Virtual Office, and would highly recommend their services.

K. Watson – Director


We tailor our telephone answering service to each business. Although we offer a number of packages our service is bespoke, so get in touch and see if we are the right one for you.


Victoria Viner