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Telephone Answering

Telephone Answering

Never Miss Another Call Again

Miss a business call and 69% of new clients will not call again

Business calls are the lifeblood of your business. Customer contact, supplier information and sales enquiries can all arise unexpectedly at any time of the day. If you must stay focused on completing projects by agreed deadlines, your calls may not be receiving the attention they deserve.

This is where Meridian Virtual Office excels. One of our essential key services is answering your phones. But it’s not that simple. With over a hundred clients, how do we deliver the correct information for your business on every call?

How do we manage your calls?

At the cornerstone of our operations is our call handling software. When you sign up with Meridian, a unique form and fact sheet is built for your business. This gives us the ability to:

- Instantly access your key business information – including details of how to access your offices, company names, invoicing addresses – everything you think your clients might need to know.

- Regularly updated company fact sheets – using information that you publish, we stay up to date with any changes with your company. Everything from offers through to absences.

- Capture the right details – collecting the essential information you need to advance any sales or service enquiry through to your next stage.

- Diary management – one of our most popular services is taking down client appointment details for companies working in the well-being and beauty industries.

- Dedicated calling numbers – your business is a specific and unique number ensuring that every call is handled correctly.

…And No Call Unanswered

Even if you receive an excess of phone calls during any month of your contract - Meridian Virtual Office will never simply leave a call unanswered and will always pick up on your behalf.

Your usage is regularly reviewed through our 3 monthly reports, allowing us to adjust your plan to better reflect the needs of your business - whether you need more or less contact with your customers.

Your Meridian Telephone Answering Service

Our Service Standards

And in addition to our software, you will receive the vital human touch with every interaction. At Meridian we understand that people buy from people and making the right first impression is key to winning the deal or resolving the issue.

All our operatives have a professional and proactive approach that is always non-confrontational. Even when faced with difficult or emotional customers, your business will be represented to the best of our abilities.

How does our service work?

- You can turn the service on and off as you need it

- Overflow services available – we only answer when you can’t

- Receptionist answering available – pre-screening unnecessary or non-urgent calls

- We can set up diverts on your behalf

Your next step

Discover how Meridian Virtual Office’s telephone answering service adapts to meet your business needs… Call now on 0333 3448 771.

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